Wedding Photo Booth Rentals Boston MA

The beauty of our lighting system is that it turns any ordinary venue into something extraordinary!

Whether you’re throwing a budget sweet 16 at an old VFW or Elks Lodge or a posh wedding at Park Plaza in Boston (see pic), our lighting system makes any space look better!  We setup over $6,000 in high powered wireless LED lighting to illuminate your entire venue in dazzling color!  Lights look amazing in pictures and video and a MAJOR WOW factor when your guests walk into the room.

All of our high-end weddings and large corporate events always have them and now you can too… for FREE!

Lights usually remain one color at beginning portion of the night and later when the dance floor is active, we can have the lights fade softly from one color into the next or even change to the beat of the music (for maximum dance floor satisfaction).  Adds dimension and energy to any room.

A must have for special events!

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