IMPORTANT: A Few Things We May Need From You

This is an automated reminder. Please disregard this message if you have already sent us these items.

** All print items are due by Noon on Monday the week BEFORE your event (No exceptions). It is your responsibility to choose what you would like for your free print item and two custom props (see top of contract in gray office-use area to see which items apply to your package). Please text 978.360.0998 immediately after e-mailing the files so we may confirm receipt. You are of course welcome to skip any of the print items if you don’t want them and this is your One and Final notice so please make note now on your personal calendar.**

If you have any questions regarding your print extras, please text or call 978-360-0998 so we can answer them promptly. If you e-mail, we may not be able to respond in a timely fashion and you may miss your 12pm Tuesday cut-off time. It is your responsibility to have any and all of your questions answered in order to have items ready by 12 noon on Tuesday.

Please check the “Office Us Only” area on the top portion of your contract to see which items apply to your package.

#1 – Photo Strip Graphic Choice

Please e-mail us your own logo from your invitations or pick a style and font from the image shown and tell us EXACTLY what it should say verbatim.

For Weddings:
Whose name is first?

For Corporate Events:
We will need a high resolution logo in any common file format. PDF, EPS, JPEG, TIFF, etc. Logos that you pull off the website or social media platforms will not work. The logo area is 2×2 inches so a square logo will look best.

This same graphic will also be used if you chose a custom backdrop as your one free print item.

#2 – Print Item Choice
  • Poster Board – Send us your favorite photo or business or organization logo.
  • Sign-In Board – We print a smaller photo onto the poster board and leave white space around it for people to sign it.
  • Facebook/Instagram – Please ONLY provide what you want for the hashtag or send us your business logo.
  • Custom Backdrop – This will be the same logo that you chose from step #1 or your business logo.
  • Banner – We can print you a vinyl banner which can be used for indoor or outdoor use. Largest size we can print is 60″x60″

* Please Note: We no longer print seating charts.

Having a hard time making a selection? Check out the examples on the slideshow.

#3 – Pick 2 Heads on Sticks or Custom Prop Choices
  • Celebrities
  • Your Faces
  • Pets
  • Logos
  • Speech Bubbles
  • Etc

Files should be at least 1 megabyte in size. Please check this before sending. If you have an iPhone, send as “Original Size” and DO NOT send us any screen shots

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#4 – Don’t Want Any of These Extras?

You are welcome to skip any of these extras if you do not want them for your event.

#5 – Video Booth Upgrade

If you have the Video Booth Upgrade, please have your DJ or Band help to promote the videos. The key phrase announcement to your guests should be something like: “Please be sure to ask the photo booth attendant for the microphone to leave a video message”.

At a loud event, it’s very difficult to ask each and every person to leave a video so we count on your DJ to make everyone aware.

The USB drive we provide at the end of the night will ONLY contain your photos. Our video guy takes about one week to finish editing. Please check the website 7 days after your event for the gallery link.

#6 – Uplighting Choices

Please pick one solid color from the chart shown.

When the dance floor becomes very active about half-way through your event, we typically put the lights into a fade mode and we also have a sound active mode (typically used at the end of the night) where the lights can change to the beat of the music for maximum dance-floor stimulation.

#7 – Venue Information
  1. For events in the city, we typically valet our large SUV and your coordinator will provide us a chaser ticket so its free. Please coordinate this with your contact.
  2. Please be sure to tell your venue that we will need a 6 foot table with linen as well as a high top with linen (cocktail table). We will also need 3 standard chairs.
  3. Please confirm that there is an elevator if you are not on an elevator accessible floor. Alert us right away if there are several stairs.
#8 – How Much Should I Tip the Attendant?

This is a very common question that we receive multiple times every month and our answer is simple.

Tipping is optional and it is up to you discretion.

Although we don’t feel its appropriate to give you an actual number, The Knot suggests $50 per person on their wedding vendor tipping cheat sheet listed on their website.

Please Call Us the Tuesday Before Your Event

Please call us between 1pm and 6pm the Tuesday before your event to go over final contract details (Text 978.360.0998 before you call to ensure I’m available).

For a More Detailed Explanation See Below:

Helpful Notes:

The Faces on your photos should be good quality when you ZOOM IN close just like you see on the attached Gronk example file. Please DO NOT send any pictures until you have SEEN THE ATTACHED Quality Example File on this e-mail. Please send a HIGH QUALITY picture for the banner or poster board (usually at least 1 megabyte (1,000 kilobytes) and text me after you e-mail it to confirm receipt. Please DO NOT Text Photos or send photos from Facebook or social media as they will NOT work either. Professional pictures recommended or from digital camera. Please double check your files before e-mailing them over.

ATTENTION IPHONE USERS: When emailing photos from your phone, click on “ACTUAL SIZE” when prompted to select a size.

Two heads on sticks pictures. (IF you can’t find any good quality photos, please take up-close pictures of your faces in a well lit area using smartphone or equivalent and e-mail them to me or name 2 celebrities to use instead. Do not use any apps or programs to crop the photos as it will lower the quality. I can crop your head out)

Graphic for the photo strips & custom backdrop. (see attachment) Which style and which font would you like and what would you like the graphic to say? (names, date, etc)

Color of uplights (perimeter lighting – see attached color chart)

Please be sure to let the venue know that we will need 3 chairs, a 6 foot table (for props) and a smaller round-top table for props & the scrap book service. Linens for both tables please. We are not allowed to hang banners for liability reasons and please bring permanent markers for those of you with sign in boards. (scribble boards)

  • Please call me TUESDAY to go over final contract check-list between 1pm and 6pm.
  • FINAL PAYMENT IS DUE AT START OF EVENT PLEASE – (Please make note of this)
  • Many people ask us how much of a tip we expect for providing you an amazing experience. It is up to your discretion.
  • Get ready to have FUN and make some memories that will last a lifetime!!! =)

((Those of you with video booth rentals, it takes a few days after your event for the video to go live. I will e-mail you a link when it’s ready))

*Feel free to call me directly with any questions you may have. I am always available up until 10pm (call or text) if you need to reach me. We look forward to making your event a HUGE success! =)

Eric Direct: 978-360-0998 (call or text)