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Our family owned and operated team provides you and your guests with the BEST photo booth experience possible. All of our booths are aesthetically appealing, stylish, and elegant. Our #1 priority is customer service and making your planning process seamless and easy. Our rates are designed to be simple and everything you can think of is included plus some fun free extras you weren’t expecting. We are proud of what we do best and can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Your Photo Booth Package Includes:

Attendant #1 Keeps props neat and organized, helps people in and out of the booth, does reprints for every single person and helps people with the microphone leaving video clip messages. Attendant #2 is dedicated to the scrap book the entire time to make sure it’s neat and organized. Most companies give you just one, but two attendants is necessary to guarantee you a PERFECT scrap book each and every time! This is a HotShots exclusive!

HotShots is a family owned and operated business. We love what we do and it shows! We complete over 300 events a year, have over 250 helpful reviews online and proudly hold over 11,000 Facebook likes. That’s more than any company in New England! You can be confident knowing that you are in good hands with HotShots! Most budget companies hire inexperienced low wage workers off Craigslist and they could care less about your guests!

HotShots makes prints for every single person, every time! Most companies give you what they call “unlimited double prints”. It sounds like a lot, but it really means just 2 prints per session.

We don’t want anyone fighting over prints, so we make plenty to go around!

Having more than 100 guests? You need a fast print system! HotShots use a high end professional dye-sub printer with the fastest output speed in the industry and our prints last up to 35 years before they start to fade.

We taking printing very seriously as we own 2 printing companies in the New England area.

Our competition uses slower ink-jet print systems to cut back on costs and prints start to fade after one year. The photo booth line often gets backed up with agitated guests waiting for their prints.

HotShots uses studio professional lighting with umbrella diffusers to obtain continuous beauty spectrum lighting to make you look your best. We use Canon DSLR grade cameras to capture the detail of each and every photo and we have special filters designed to help remove wrinkles and imperfections.

Our competition uses webcams and budget led lighting. Inconsistencies in color, wash-out, red eye and over saturation are just a few of the issues that often occur from budget equipment.

We purchased a special filter designed by an MIT student to help smooth wrinkles and imperfections. It recognizes placement of your eyes and mouth and then calculates the areas on your face to lightly smooth out.

Your guests will have a live video preview of themselves on the touch screen monitor so they can properly position themselves in the photos. They will have choices of: Color or Black and White and we assist them with the FREE Video Option by handing over the microphone with some quick instructions.

Want options? We have them! How about Gold & Silver Sequin, Red, Black, White, Chevron, Damask and more! Contact us for a full list of options!

We have numerous props including hats, masks, tiaras, bunny ears, mustaches, hand held signs and we even make you two custom hand made props from scratch (aka heads on sticks) We replace props on a regular basis to keep them clean, crisp and new! Do you want to keep it simple with some signs and mustaches or perhaps you have your own props that you’d like to bring? No problem! Let us know what you have in mind as we are very accommodating.

We have many templates for you to choose from and we can alter our templates to match your exact wedding colors/theme. Want to create your own logos? No problem! E-mail us for a sizing template and lets get started!

We use 12×12 inch premium scrap books and even personalize the cover by printing your custom logo on the front. We also give you a custom printed business card sized USB drive with logo after your event filled with all of your photos How cool is that?!

We place your photos and Free custom video montage (see below) onto your password protected gallery that you can share with your guests. Your custom video automatically starts playing upon entering the gallery and after you finish watching, you can scroll down to view, share and download your photos!


In addition to every listed above, you also get all of these free bonuses with your photo booth package!

No need to hire a videographer! After your guests take their pictures, they can leave a video message with a microphone. We spend 45 minutes to an hour a few days after your event and create a custom video montage with music. We then upload the custom video to your online gallery for all of your guests to see! Most photo booth companies that offer video just give you a USB drive at the end of the night with the video clips. Your guests never see them and you have to click on each video to watch the clip. Boring! This Video Montage is a HotShots exclusive that you will not find any where else!

This is a FREE $150 Upgrade. Watch Example Video Below!


Limited Time Special! ($500 Rental Value! FREE for a limited time!) Our $6,000 Wireless Lighting System has 3 Modes!

STATIC: Lights remain one color during dinner. Choose any color to match your theme. SLOW FADE: Color gently fades from one to the next as the dance floor fills up. SOUND ACTIVE: Lights change to beat of music for Maximum dance floor satisfaction!

Our lighting system turns your venue into something Extraordinary!

45 Uplighting Color Options!

Uplighting Package Rentals Boston MA

Want to see what your venue looks like with uplighting? We do hundreds of events each year and have a huge database of photos from past events! Give us a call now! 877-265-6768

Choose one FREE print item for your event!

Poster board • ($100 value and most popular)

E-mail us your favorite picture and we’ll print it on a 2×3 poster board. We will hang it on an easel at your venue and you can frame it after your event.

Custom Backdrop • ($150 value)

We take the custom logo we create for your photo strips and print it on a backdrop banner to be used inside the booth. We use a step and repeat pattern similar to a Hollywood red carpet event.

Vinyl Banner • ($150 value)

We print you a 3×5 foot full color vinyl banner to be hung at your venue or over a table.

Custom Facebook Screen • ($100 value)

We print a 2×3 foot poster board and customize it with your information; cutting a hole in the middle so your guests can pop their heads through and take photos. FREE 2×3 Foot Glossy Posterboard ($100 Value)

Free Photo Booth Poster Board Prints
Free Photo Booth Print Items Boston

Send Us Your Photos & Frame the Poster After the Party!

FREE Custom Backdrop Inside Photo Booth ($150 Value) We can fit up to 10 PEOPLE in our Soft-Shell Modern Booth!

FREE Custom Facebook and Instagram Screens! ($100 Value)

We Can Print Your Face, Celebrities, Dogs, Cats, Animals, Cartoons, Anything!

$75 Value

Your guests are going to love your custom props!

FRee Photo Booth Custom Props!

We Have over 100 Celebrity Heads on Sticks. Your Guests will LOVE them!

This is a HotShots EXCLUSIVE service that you will not find anywhere else! This is another reason why you want to have 2 attendants for your photo booth. The second attendant will build your event scrap book as pictures are taken and your guests get to leave messages and sign your book.

Free Photo Booth Scrap Book Service Boston

Be the first of your friends to get FREE aerial drone shots of your entire party! We work with your photographer to organize a few very cool and unique photos from the sky.

Hurry… only one free drone per date!

EXTRA Services

We have all the services you need to make your event one to remember forever!

We have a network of party DJ’s ranging from $550 to $2500. Call today for a free consultation.

Can’t decide on a backdrop or don’t want to take advantage of our free custom printed backdrops? We can transport you and your guests anywhere in the world with our new green screen technology!

Where do you want to go?

We have both standard square backdrop stands (classic) and rounded top corner spandex fabric backdrop stands (modern). We own a wide format printing company in Malden, MA called Central Printing and we’d be happy to print you a unique backdrop.

Whats your style? Do you like sparkly/glittery backdrops or perhaps a chalkboard style print with your names? We can also do designs and patterns or even print photos or landscapes. Anything you desire!

Ask about our brand new party prop bundle packs! Thinking of a prop sign you’d like to have? We’ll make you two custom props for free!

Our projection system shows a live video preview of the action going on inside the booth. This keeps your guests in line entertained and it’s fun for others to watch from their tables across the room or from the dance floor.

Share your photos instantly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and e-mail!

Looking for something unique or perhaps saw something on Pinterest you liked? We have 3 designers on our team that specialize in event decor and design. Let’s create the backdrop of your dreams that will leave your guests speechless!

With our red carpet and stanchions, your guests will feel like celebrities at an award show, ready to strike their best pose.


Video with commentary showing our FREE extras!

Voted #1 in New England for the Past 2 Years ( Category: Photo Booth with Best Value ) 2013 Promo Video Below

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Bridal & Baby Shower Photo Booth Pricing
4 Hour Weekday Price = $699 + Travel (varies by location)
Everything you see listed above is included!
No gimmicks • no setup fees • no surprises!
We have a limited number of booths as we are family owned and operated.
Call us for a FREE 4 minute crash course on what to look for when
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